Street Heat provides preparation work for the new controlled assessments that have been introduced into GCSE English. The materials have been developed in partnership with teachers in Liverpool.
The impact of the resource has been fully evaluated and the report is available here. The following video also highlights how effective the programme has been at engaging and motivating young people, particularly boys, who do not usually enjoy English lessons.

A cost effective approach

Our software packages are developing a strong evidence based that demonstrates that they are effective in raising academic attainment and at the same time changing attitudes in relation to key social issues. Our resources have been shown to be particularly effective in engaging and motivating those young people who are currently failing in these core subjects and can support schools to work with this group and achieve their the Government’s floor standards.

“The CPD was in-depth and useful. The group discussion raised various important issues.”

Introducing one of our resources into your school can be a very cost effective way of improving your schools performance. In addition we provide customised training programmes for teachers to support them to embed the programme. These have received positive feedback from all the teachers who have attended. You can purchase Street Heat or receive more information by contacting Ariel on 0151 707 8211 or