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What is Street Heat and how does it support the English Curriculum?

The film Street Heat shows the extreme consequences that can result from playing with fire. The purpose of this resource is to enable young people to consider the consequences of anti-social behaviour by concentrating on positive social behaviour, which will equip them with knowledge, skills and attitudes to play an important role in today’s society.

Street Heat includes a wide range of interactive spoken language and listening activities that engage young people, from the 'pyramid exercise', to 'mind mapping' and the 'hot spot game'.

The ‘Mind Mapping’ exercise involves the young people creating a series of mind maps to explore how the lives of the characters might have been changed by the events that took place in the film. Click here to view the lesson plan in more detail and here to look at one of the worksheets. 


Can Street Heat be used to 'close the gap'?

Street Heat can be used for all ability levels and meets the needs of a range of learning styles. Activities are interactive and visually stimulating and so particularly suitable for lower ability groups.

All exercises can be tailored to suit the needs of individual groups and are mapped against the English and PSHE curriculum.

It can therefore be used to motivate disadvantaged pupils in order to support schools to ‘close the gap’ within their school environment.

What is the impact of Street Heat?

Street Heat has been shown to be particularly effective in engaging and motivating young people who are currently failing in English and can support schools work with this group to achieve the Government’s floor standards.

An example area of impact for Street Heat is: ‘improved relationships and behaviour', to see more evaluation content please click here. 

“Excellent resource, very clear and thorough and the activities are really engaging and very young person friendly.” Jane Rostance, Healthy Schools, Knowsley MBC

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