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What is RATS and how does it support the Science Curriculum?

RATS (Road Awareness Training Session) is a road safety resource mapped to the science curriculum, which was developed in partnership with Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service. The resource targets young people just before they start to learn to drive. The aim of this resource is to prevent road traffic accidents, by focusing on actions and consequences that result in injury or death.


The resource includes a wide range of exercises from all three science disciplines, covering a range of topics that can be mapped into KS3 or KS4 schemes of work. Literacy and numeracy activities can also be found throughout.

Exercises include Chemistry focused activitiy such as the 'Fractional Distillation' exercise with pupils examining both theory and practice, click here to view the lesson plan.

In Physics lessons pupils can calculate and learn the importance of stopping distances, click here to view the lesson plan.

In Biology pupils will recognise that alcohol consumption is different for men and women in our breathalyser session, to view the lesson plan click here.

This resource will enable pre-defined road safety messages to be presented to young and pre-drivers and riders, ensuring a consistent message is delivered by all agencies using rats.


Can RATS be used to 'close the gap'?

The resource has a fun, motivating approach to teaching Science, covering a range of topics including, effects of alcohol, fractional distillation and speed and fire safety.

All of the activities are interactive and visually stimulating and are designed to create discussion and analysis of road safety, its causes and consequences.

It can therefore be used to motivate disadvantaged pupils in order to support schools to ‘close the gap’ within their school environment.

The educational content is underpinned by a clear, detailed good practice guidance document.


What is the impact of RATS?

RATS has been shown to be particularly effective in engaging and motivating those young people who are currently failing in Science and can support schools to work with this group and to achieve their the Government’s floor standards.

An example area of impact for Rats is; ' improved relationships and behaviour'.

RATS has delivered positive results in initial pilots, for example one school reported a 12% increase in the number achieving pass grades in GCSE science compared to previous years.

“I would happily recommend this resource to any science department. Our teachers and pupils have been enthusiastic about using it, finding it exciting, fun and informative. It has made a real impact on attitudes and results! I hope that your staff and pupils get as much from this resource as we did.”  Patrick Coupe, Head of Science, St John Bosco High School

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