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What is 'Just One More' and how does it support the Maths Curriculum?

‘Plastered’ is the name of the film that deals with issues relating to alcohol abuse amongst young people, which is an integral part of both resources. It is an interactive online resource that aims to increase Maths attainment, whilst also focusing on the issue of alcohol misuse and on the consequences of drinking.

The resource contains 9 interactive exercises that are mapped against the maths curriculum and enable pupils to apply current mathematical applications in everyday life situations. The exercises include a range of activities covering topics such as Bar Charts, Two-Way Tables, Setting up a Survey and Pie Charts.


Can 'Just One More' be used to 'close the gap'?

'Just One More' provides teachers with a range of multimedia activities to be used on an interactive white board within maths lessons. The exercises are designed to use maths statistics to stimulate discussion and analyse alcohol misuse.

Activities are interactive and visually stimulating and so particularly suitable for lower ability groups and a great way to motivate young people to learn maths.

The resource can be used for both whole-class and targeted interventions; we recommend a whole-class approach because the resource is designed to take a preventative approach.

It can therefore be used to motivate disadvantaged pupils in order to support schools to ‘close the gap’ within their school environment.

The educational content is underpinned by a clear logic model and good practice guidance document.


What is the impact of Just One More? 

The 'Just One More' Case Studies engage pupil interest in mathematics, and help them to understand that mathematics can be used as a tool to solve problems in a wide range of contexts and professions that reach beyond the school environment. 

'Just One More' is a proven classroom resource and has already been successfully used within North West schools. Watch our video to hear reviews from pupils and teaching staff.

“This is an amazing up to date, interactive resource which can be used at KS3 and 4. I have found it to be incredibly informative and an excellent vehicle to remind pupils of the dangers of excessive alcohol.” Head of Maths, Brecon High School

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