Helen Johnson, is an experienced fundraiser with a degree in accounting and more than 10 years’ experience in the use of data to monitor and evaluate project performance.  At the heart of Helen’s practice is the process of interpreting management information, she is engaged not just in answering the question, what does the data tell us?  Much more than that Helen works with Ariel’s partners to explore how can we respond to what the data is telling us and how can we use limited resources to construct solutions to the problems identified in the data? Helen uses management information to underpin Ariel’s creative design and development processes.

By employing two senior practitioner /managers, capable of building a body of work based on a qualitative understanding of beneficiaries needs as well as a quantitative analysis of the appropriate data, Ariel has at its core the skill set that is required for effective service delivery.  By committing to the long-term evaluation and continuous improvement of that service delivery model Ariel has the infrastructure required to develop best practice.