Ariel is working with Wirral MBC to build the capacity of the borough's schools to respond to the threats presented by extremism. Local schools are currently delivering Ariel's newest programme 'Skills to Resist Radicalisation' as part of a project to build pupils resilience to extremist messages and ideas. Schools are being offered the opportunity for teachers to attend training to build their capacity to respond to this challenging issue. They are then offered access to an online classroom resource designed to engage and motivate pupils in a series of activities that support the development of critical thinking skills and positive communication strategies.

The materials are mapped to core elements of the national curriculum and support the delivery of Ofsted requirements in relation to safeguarding. The first phase of the work has delivered training to teachers from 15 primary and 5 secondary schools. The initial feedback from teachers has been very positive and we are currently conducting a more detailed evaluation as they deliver the programme with pupils during the summer term.

We have previously collected feedback in relation to the skills-based approach that the resource takes and this has been very positive;

the resource was described as “Extremely helpful” / “Very useful” in meeting Ofsted requirements and teachers felt it addressed a broad range of curriculum areas:- 

“Useful for awareness of radicalisation but also useful for other areas of the curriculum – ICT and English” 

“Very useful resources which covers other areas of the curriculum, which is always very useful in an already crowded curriculum”. 

“Resources are definitely age appropriate. Good levels of challenge and exposure – enough to generate discussion” 

“Resources look really accessible and easy to use. All child friendly and children would be able to relate to them. Set out clearly and easily for teachers to navigate and open up good opportunities for discussion”.